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Places to Visit from Vanvasa Resort

There are many places of tourist interest near Vanvasa Resort. All these tourist and pilgrimage destination are easily accessible by road.You can visit these tourist places while staying in Vanvasa Resort.

Kalagarh Tiger Reserve

Kalagarh Tiger Reserve is a part of Corbett National Park situated in the Lansdowne region of Uttarakhand. When Jim Corbett Park was established in 1974, the northern region of the park was renamed as Kalagarh Tiger Reserve.
Spread over a large area of 300 sq km, The Kalagarh Tiger Reserve is known for lush green Sal, Sheesham and other deciduous trees along with wide variety of wildlife that inhabit the region. Tourists and wildlife enthusiasts can easily spot animals such as leopards, monitor lizards, elephants, sloth bear, chital, musk deer, barking deer. Few people are lucky enough to spot the Bengal tiger basking in the afternoon sun.

Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary
Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary is a part of Corbett National Park. Developed as a natural habitat of wildlife animals and birds, Sonanadi range is blessed with amazing beauty of flora and fauna. Situated in the north of Sonanadi river, this zone is favoruite place for Asiatic Elephant along with tiger, cheetal, sambhar, leopard and raptiles. Visitors can also enjoy over 550 of birds in their natural habitat. Read More About Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary...
How To Reach Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary:
Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary is located at 23.5 kms from Vanvasa Resort and can be reached easily from Vanvasa .Tourists can enjoy a wildlife safari to Sonanadi Zone by taking Jeep safari from Vatanvasa Gate.

(Kalagarh Tiger Reserve)

(Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary)

Tarkeshwar Mahadev Temple

Known by adding the name of a demon 'Tarkeshwar or Tadkeshwar' with Lord shiva 'Mahadev', Tarkeshwar Mahadev is a temple of deep faith and devotion to the Lord Shiva. As per the legends, Tarkasur was a demon who meditated and worshiped Lord Shiva at this location for a boon.
Happy with Tarkasur immense devotion and worship, Lord Shiva gave him a boon of immortality as per Tarkasur request except Lord Shiva's son. Satisfied with the thought that Lord Shiva follows 'Vairagya' (Detachment from earthy things and emotions), Tarkasur accepts Lord Shiva boon condition of immortality. Read More About Tarkeshwar Mahadev Temple...
How To Reach Tarkeshwar Mahadev Temple:
Tarkeshwar Mahadev Temple is located at 45.2 kms from Vanvasa Resort and can be reached easily from Vanvasa to Gundalkhet village. From the village, temple is just 1 km ahead which can be easily trek.

(Tarkeshwar Mahadev Temple)


Lansdowne is one of the quietest and unspoilt hill stations of India and has been a  popular destination since Britishers came to India. Lansdowne is unlike other hill stations, as it is well connected with motorable roads but remote in its own way. It is situated at an altitude of 1,700 mts above sea level surrounded with thick oak and blue pine forests in Pauri Garhwal district of Uttarakhand state.
Lansdowne got its name from Lord Lansdowne, who was the then Viceroy of India during the period of 1888-1894. Presently, Lansdowne has the command office of the Garhwal Rifles division of the Indian Army. Read More About Lansdowne Hill Station...
How To Reach Lansdowne :
Lansdowne Hill Station is located at 71.2 kms from Vanvasa Resort and can be reached easily from Vanvasa .



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