Corbett tiger Resevre Encompasses sonanadi wildlife sanctuary also sonanadi wildlife sanctuary was notified on 9 January 1987 comprising of an area 301. 17sq km and was put under the administration of kalagarh forest division Lansdowne.SonanadiThe Sonanadi wild life sanctuary is located in the Pauri district of Uttarakhand

there is 4  entered gates in kalagarh  tiger  reserve







On 11th june 1991 sonanadi wild life sancutuary became a part of Corbett tiger Reserve .the sonanadi wildlife sanctuary and Corbett national park (520.82 sqkm) together with peripheral reserve forest has noticed as Corbett tiger Reserve on 26th February 2010.the total area of Corbett tiger reserve is 1288.31sqkm .which is spread in naintal pauri & almora district of uttarakhand

Tiger is the flag bearer species of the area . several  endangered species  such as the mugger ghariyal,leopard  cat ,goral ,serow and mahaseer etc  have a significant presence in the region four species of deer sambhar,spotted deer sloth bear jackal ,yellow throated marten ,smooth coated indian elephant is wide spread in the sanctuary .

                                               Kalagarh Tiger Reserve division lansdowne  is famous place in uttarkhand

 The area is home to about 600 species of resident and migratory birds.This amazing rich avifaunal diversity represents nearly 6% of the  total bird species of diurnal Raptors found here are characteristic elements of this avifauna.The avifaunal diversity is at its peakauna 


There are brilliant breeds of deers like – sambar, barking deer, chital, goral etc .KTR has good density of tigers & others from the cat’s family. There are many other species here like yellow throated martens and porcupines ,the wild goat ghoral, bharal,wolves,rock pythons etc . Bird lovers can see 580 species of birds  that comprise kingfisher, hornbills vultures , eagles ,wagtailse and many more and that includes 19 amphibians species, 124 fish species, 69 reptiles species, 623 bird species, 102 mamals species. For conserving these heritage 12 areas are declared that include 6 national park & 6 wild life sanctuaries.



KTS is famous for its rich biodiversity. there are much more number of flora and fauna to see in KTS.  there is lot of things for interacting in KTS. (the beauty of nature)

flora is a term that refers to plant and fauna is a term that refers to animals.  

There are 161 species of flora found in Uttarakhand and frequent species of trees such as sheesham,sal bakli haladu, tun sain,sal etc along with medicinal plants. 


 forest Rest House in kalagarh Tiger reserve 

Halduparao FRH

Entry gate                   Vatanvasa gate 

Room Type                Double bed room

No of rooms                                         2

           Timing                       7am to 10am morining 

                                              1pm to 5 pm in evening

Mandiyapani FRH

Entry gate                   Vatanvasa gate 

Room Type                Double bed room

No of rooms                                         2

                Timing                   7am to 10am morining  

                                             1pm to 5 pm in evening  

Rathuadhab FRH

Entry gate                   Vatanvasa gate 

Room Type                Double bed room

       No of rooms                                         2                   

              Timing          7 am to 10 am  morining  

                             1 pm to 5 pm evening